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Barberton is a geological mecca, luring international geologists and biologists to probe the earth’s beginnings and some of its earliest life forms. It also has a colourful gold-rush history, creative young artisans fashioning jewellery from the oldest gold in the world, and plenty of exhilarating outdoor activities.Perhaps you've never heard of Barberton's Makhonjwa mountains, but international scientists have been studying them for decades.

 It is here, in the beautifully preserved ancient rocks, that some of earth's earliest life forms began. Find out more about the geology and biology of the region, as well as the history of the local gold rush, at the attractive Barberton museum. The historical town of Barberton, named for the Barber family who found gold here in the 1880s, was home to many colourful characters, such as the infamous Cockney Liz, barmaid and prostitute, who walked the streets where South Africa's first gold stock exchange was established.

See the original 19th-century kerbstones and the statue of South Africa's beloved canine hero, Jock of the Bushveld, in front of the stately Town Hall. Take one of the hiking trails that follow the footsteps of those early miners or amble round the town's fascinating Heritage Walk.  Barberton's gold mines still exist, and you can watch creative young artisans fashioning jewellery from the oldest gold in the world next to the Barberton museum. A far cry from the rowdy, noisy gold-rush part of town, is the Belhaven House museum, where Edwardian local gentry lived at the turn of the 20th-century.

 After you've steeped yourself in history, take to the great outdoors and try your hand at paragliding off Lone Tree hill, horse riding, archery or quad biking. For more gentle pursuits, take tea at the Victorian Tea Garden in the Market Square, or visit the cemetery to see graves dating back to Barberton's gold-rush days.

You'll find Barberton a great tourist destination, rich in history, with gorgeous scenery, rock art, archaeological ruins, early wagon trails, gold diggings and lots of outdoor pursuits.

How to get here

Barberton is 50km south of Nelspruit on the R40 road. It is approximately a 3 hour drive from Johannesburg.

Best time to visit

Any time of year, although summer can be very, very hot.

Tours to do

The Barberton Heritage Walk

Did You Know

Barberton's ancient green rocks are amongst the world's oldest geological formations





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Barberton - Barberton

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